Soils and Foundation Investigation

At O'Terra Geotech Group, Inc., we can provide you with all your soil engineering needs. Soils and foundation investigation involve soil borings, test pits, CPT sounding, using truck-mounted track-mounted and portable drilling rigs. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is conducted at 5’ or less intervals. Expansive soils are soils that experience significant volume change associated with changes in water contents. These volume changes can either in the form of swell or in the form shrinkage and this is why they are sometimes known as swell/shrink soils. Key aspects that need identification when dealing with expansive soils include soil properties, suction/water conditions, water content variations temporal and spatial, e.g. generated by trees, and the geometry/stiffness of foundations and associated structures. Damage from to expansive soil often occurs as a direct result of interaction with vegetation and associated water content changes. Soils that experience moderate to severe swell/shrink problems are common in most counties of San Francisco Bay Area.

O'Terra Geotech Group, Inc. will provide geotechnical inspections and investigate the nature and extent of expansive soils and provide remediation recommendation. We will investigate expansive behavior both in the field and in the laboratory and the associated empirical and analytical tools to evaluate expansive behavior. Contact us today to solve all your soil and geotechnical services.