Geotechnical Soils Engineering

For the last 15 years, O'Terra Geotech Group, Inc. has been committed to providing our clients with a wide range of geotechnical engineering services. Our professional engineering personnel are highly educated, have extensive experience and skills in the field of geotechnical and materials engineering to meet our clients’ need.

O'Terra Geotech Group, Inc. provides geotechnical engineering analysis, design, and recommendations for deep and shallow foundations, all types of retaining walls, geo-synthetic reinforced embankment (GRE), ground improvement, foundation settlements, and expansive soils, foundation underpinning, liquefiable soils, slope stability, and landslides, groundwater and drainage, and pavement design. We provide our clients with an investigation of building foundation failure and cost-effective remedial recommendations. We also provide our clients with geotechnical inspection and testing during construction and provide final construction inspection report required by cities and counties. To learn more about all our geotechnical services, contact us today at O'Terra Geotech Group, Inc..